Testing your configuration to listen to surround music

This is a simplified manual. You can find detailed information in the "FAQ"

Testing your Home Cinema compatibility with Surround-CDs

First check that your Home Cinema is capable of playing Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 (DVD player, digital connection, amplifier, speakers). Dolby Digital 5.1 is arguably the most common format. If your installation doesn't play correctly surround sound, you can not listen to Surround CDs.

Take a rewritable CD for your tests. Download TestMySurround-en.dbr.wav.zip. Save this zip file and unzip it. You will get the file TestMySurround-en.dbr.wav

Launch your burning software, choose to burn an Audio-CD, add TestMySurround-fr.dbr.wav in the list and burn the CD-RW. If you still need help on how to burn an Audio-CD, but also to learn a few tips, see the Tutorial

Now take this CD, turn down the volume on your amplifier, put the CD into the DVD-Reader and carefully turn up the volume. If your system is compatible, your amplifier should automatically detect Surround, and you should hear a voice coming successively from the different speakers.

If it works, your Home Cinema is compatible with the DBR.WAV files sold on our site.

If the amplifier does not detect the Dolby Digital or, even worse, plays a noisy digital rattling, stop immediately the reading. Your system is not compatible.

In some cases, the reading is correct, but the sound is played a little slow. You will judge whether it is acceptable or not.

If the reading is correct, but a few digital clicks sometimes appear, this is due to using a rewritable CD instead of a CD-R and/or potentially due to an excessive burning speed.

Do not even read the Surround CD with a Stereo-CD Player, it is not compatible.

Testing surround music on your computer

Make sure your computer is equipped with a 5.1-surround kit and that surround works.

As of now, in terms of media player software, we have a strong preference for VLC Media Player (a freeware; see www.videolan.org/vlc).

Download TestMySurround-en.dbr.ac3

Play it on your computer with VLC. You should hear a voice successively coming out from each speaker.

If this works, your computer is compatible with the DBR.AC3 files sold on our site.

Following the same principle, you can test the OGG format with TestMySurround-en.dbr.ogg

Note: using VLC, you can also read the Surround-CD that you may have burned to test it on your Home Cinema.

For those who use Windows but do not want to use VLC:

Download TestMySurround-en.dbr.wma

Play it with Windows Media Player. You should hear a voice successively coming out of each speaker.

If this works, your computer is compatible with the DBR.WMA files sold on our site.

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