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MySurround is open to all artists and all styles. We invite you to join our monthly selection.

In order to include you on our portal, a post-production of your album has to be done, assuming you have already produced one album and that you own its rights. DBR Prod, our partner company specialised in surround music production, has to be legally authorized to adapt your work and we in MySurround have to have the legal authorization to market the music. Post-production consists of a complete remixing and remastering of your album tracks in order to fulfill the quality and compatibility standards that we have defined with DBR Prod.

If you are selected, the post-production will be performed free of charge by DBR Prod which will retain the ownership of the generated files. The files we need will be provided directly to us by DBR Prod. You won't be charged of anything.

The process is the following:

Step 1: Burn your whole album on a Data CD-Rom (no audio-CD) with, for each title, each separate (non-mixed) instrument track in a 16-bit PCM WAV file, generated for the whole song's duration. Include also a stereo mix of each title to serve as reference.

Step 2: Send the CD-ROM(s) to the following address (important: ensure that your shipping company delivers to postal boxes):


BP 41

F-14440 Douvres-la-Délivrande


Note that no documents will be returned. Keep your originals safe.

Join your postal address and your electronic mail adress in case you're selected.

Step 3 : If you pass the selection, you will be notified and will receive a contract.

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