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This is the new mini-album of Moïse Culture, a French Guyana multi-talented artist playing an inspired-style reggae music called "Kaseco Fala" by himself.
The mini album contains two titles, both sung in French: the first is a respectful tribute to Jah, the second is about slavery. The physical CD (on ly in stereo and not on sale on MySurround) also features a video of "Mighty Jah". In order to provide you this video on Mysurround, a few changes occur as follows:
- the purchase of a single title contains the title in the differents available audio formats as usual
- the purchase of the full album allows to download ALL the following:
dbr.ac3 (~207 MB) = both titles mixed in 5.1-ac3 plus the video in mpg format
dbr.mp3 (~86 MB) = both titles mixed in stereo (as on the physical CD) and mp3 surround, plus the video in mp4 format (targeted to most portable players)
dbr.ogg (~33 MB) = both titles in 5.1-ogg, without video
dbr.wma (~90 MB) = both titles in 5.1-wma, plus the video in Microsoft Windows Media Video format
dbr.wav (~40 MB) = both titles in 5.1-wav for Home Theater systems, provided compatibility is checked (see our test files in FAQ), no video.

If you want to know more about Moise Culture:
Artist Contact :
Add this album to your basketArtist :Moïse Culture
Style : Rap Soul - Reggae Kaséco Fala
Available formats : Dbr/5.1 ac3, Dbr/5.1 wma, Dbr/5.1 ogg, Dbr/5.1 wav, Stereo mp3
Publishing date : Oct 2012
Price : 6.00 € with VAT

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