Natacha Llorca
Having awarded a diploma in education of the piano, to Natacha Llorca acquires in 1989 the first price of piano of CNR of Besançon then in 1992, the price of honour of CNR of Versailles. She then improves her technique for four years with Mrs. Hortense Cartier-Bresson.
She knows very early the experience of the stage with Denis Llorca, movie director and Hervé Llorca, compositor : musics of stage - opera "Têtes Fêlées". She collaborated seven years with the « Trio of Silver », practice of flute and concerts.
Holder of the first price of accompaniment of CNR of Besançon, France, she develops a lyric experience progressively, works with Frederick Vassar (low) (baritone), Nadia Tzvetkova (soprano), Pali Marinov Jean-Franco Brizio (tenor) and participates to the festivals of Arches and Saint-Céré, France.
She wins in 1997 the 2nd price of Competition European " Citta di Moncalieri " (Italy) and in 1999, the price of the Best French Pianist of the XXVIIIth International Competition of Senigalia (Italy).
Since she is installed in Yonne (France) in 2006, she participates in the cultural dynamics of the country of Tonnerrois and often occurs in recitals in Yonne, Aube and in Paris.