Helen Lindén - Olivier Pons
Helen Lindén began learning cello at the early age of 6 with a Hungarian teacher, Csaba Szilvay, who applied an innovative teaching method by then, the "coloured strings" method. She quickly shown exceptional qualities and made her soloist's debuts with orchestra at nine. At 15 she was hired by the Philharmonic orchestra of Helsinki for ten concerts in soloist. Helen Lindén won the Finnish national music Competition, was finalist in the International Competition of Nordic Countries in Turku, as well as the Eurovision in Brussels in 1993.

Olivier PONS was born in 1970 in a musicians' family. He studied in the French National Academy of Boulogne-Billancourt in the class of Mrs Le-Dizès with whom he passed a first prize at 16. Then he was taught by several masters from the Russian school of violin : Nejmi SUCCARI, Miroslaw Roussine (disciple of David Oïstrakh). He was invited by the philharmonic society of Moscow to give recitals in prestigious concerts halls such as room Glinka, room Chaliapine, or Prokofiev museum.

Olivier Pons also played in the National Auditorium of Madrid, in the Philharmonic society of Warsaw and the Opera of Cracow, the Academy Liszt of Budapest, the Academy Sibelius of Helsinki, as well as in Brussels, Geneva, Düsseldorf, Switzerland, France, Israel, Düsseldorf, etc.

Contact: stringpons@free.fr


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